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Sierra Wireless to provide HSDPA for new Intel-based UMPCs

Cyrus Farivar

For all you internet junkies out there (and if you're reading Engadget on a Friday night, we're referring to you), you'll be pleased to know that Intel's newest chipset for next-gen UMPCs are getting some 3G love from Sierra Wireless. This dovetails nicely with the announcement yesterday that Intel's Santa Rosa chipset would be also be getting some HSDPA action, but from cellphone giant Nokia. Intel also said that its newest ultra-mobile chip will be based on the Core 2 Duo, will only draw half as much power, and will measure just one quarter the size of the current chipset. Ok guys, we don't mind you shrinking the devices, but for the love of Gordon Moore, please don't make those screens any more squint-inducing.

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