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Sony HDR-UX1 reviewed

Cyrus Farivar

You know, if CamcorderInfo really wanted to write a shorter review of the Sony HDR-UX1, it probably should have hired Leo Tolstoy, who's always been known for his brevity. That said, we revel in doing the heavy reading for you; so what's the skinny on this high-def shooter? We're glad you asked, because here's the good news: CamcorderInfo enjoyed the cam's strong colors and even saturation, gave it bonus points for the multi-purpose ring control, and noted the respectable battery life, which topped out at barely over two hours. Further, the site says the revamped on-screen menus with two columns of options make the camcorder's on-screen controls a fair bit faster and easier to access. On the minus side, they were very disappointed with the serious noise issues probably caused by the AVCHD compression, particularly in bright light, and added that the problem is even "worse in low light." In addition, the lack of higher-end features like a shutter speed control mar an otherwise decent product. Overall, though, the site gave the $1400 HDR-UX1 (one of the first AVCHD cams on the market), its blessing as a "great camcorder." How do you like that -- a 13,000 word review summed up into four syllables.

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