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Wii preorders flood UK's


According to the Guardian Unlimited, the UK site has been awash in Wii preorders -- 7000 in the first nine days, making it the "biggest and quickest launch ever on the site." With months to go yet until the console's release (December 8 in Europe), people are already jumping to reserve a Wii. In the vacuum left by Sony's decision to delay the PS3 in Europe, it looks like the Wii's going to be a little popular.

And, inadvertently, the Guardian reminds us why Wii Sports has been bundled with the console to push units outside gamer markets. In an attempt to explain what the Wii is and what can be done with it, they said, "you can play tennis, golf, or baseball, you can bowl or box or play something called Zelda Hands-on, which is a sword fighting game." The uh, emphasis would be ours. When you hit to reserve your Wii, don't forget Zelda Hands-on. We hear it's a real winner.

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