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Gamer wins Xbox, receives dirty pants

Kevin Kelly

Gamer Chip Caddell found himself the lucky winner of a used Xbox, games, and accessories on eBay. However, little did he know that he would also receive two bonus items: soiled pants, and a dirty towel.

The seller must be trying to save on packing materials, but this is a bit ridiculous. At least he didn't use human hair, or his discarded underpants. Maybe these were testimonies on behalf of the seller, "These games are so good, just look what they made me do in my pants" or "You'll need a towel to clean up when you piss yourself over the graphic capabilities of this baby."

Another possibility is that Chip bid only on the pants and towel, and a bricked Xbox got thrown in to jack up the weight and let the buyer gouge him on the shipping costs.

[Thanks, Rich]

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