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Motorola readying another PEBL-like phone for CDMA

Chris Ziegler

As evidenced by the RAZR and its endless variants, Motorola knows a good thing when it sees one and likes to ride it into the ground -- not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you consider that they're shaping up to make a serious run at the coveted '#1 handset manufacturer' title (don't worry Nokia, we still love ya, and we don't expect you to give it up without a fight). The PEBL's been mostly content to stay in the RAZR's huge shadow since its release, but its design cues are finally starting to find their way into Motorola's CDMA stable, as first evidenced by Roc's unearthing of the W315. Now, we have this little gem that just came across the FCC wires, looking even more PEBL-like than the W315 before it with a full-out etched metal keypad and internal antenna. No word on pricing, availability, or what carrier this might be bound for -- those kinds of details aren't really the FCC's gig -- but if we had to venture a guess, we'd say "less than the K1m," "soon," and "Verizon."

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