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NTT DoCoMo unveils portable 3D display

Darren Murph

NTT DoCoMo is looking to unveil a svelte 3D portable display system at the upcoming CEATEC in Japan, but unlike the traditionally uninspiring three-dimensional products we've seen (and even the not-so-gimmicky variety), DoCoMo's device operates sans the red-tinted glasses. Working in conjunction with associate professor Yasuhiro Takagi of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, the megacorporation has developed a 7-inch "3D display system" that makes images and video appear as if it's "leaping out from the screen." This rendition also allows viewers to experience the illusions from angles other than front and center, as onlookers can view the action within a 60-degree horizontal angle or 30-degree vertical angle without losing the wow-factor. An embedded camera senses the position of the viewer(s), and then intelligently beams the images through its lenticular (single-convex) lens attached to the front of the screen. While no word on pricing or availability outside of the CEATEC expo has been given, we can definitely envision this becoming an excellent tool to keep those mischeveous kids occupied for hours, but us grown folk will probably just hold out for the 110-inch version.

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