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Zentek's 1Seg SDIO card


If you're looking for a little TV-on-the-go action of slightly higher quality than plain-old analog broadcasts, and happen to live in Japan, then Zentek may have just the solution for ya. It's just announced what looks to be the first 1Seg (or One-Seg, if you prefer) TV tuner on an SDIO card, which'll let you pick up those sweet terrestrial digital broadcast signals on your SDIO-equipped handheld or cellphone. Although, not unlike early developments in WiFi on SD cards, it looks like you'll have to put up with the card protruding more than just a little bit from your handheld device, as it measures about 2.1-inches long. (Hear that? It's the sound of thousands of these simultaneosly snapping in Japanese pockets). You'll also have to wait a bit to actually get your hands on one, with Zentek set to offer the device to OEMs in the first quarter of 2007.

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