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Sony NW-S706, the rockin' £180 player

Cyrus Farivar

Surely Sony would love it if a new music player could drown out the sound of the company's exploding battery bruhaha, but sadly that probably won't be the case. Nevertheless, Sony has just released the new NW-S706, which comes in an elegant elliptical form factor along the lines of the NW-E series -- that said, it appears to be an update to the NW-S205. All we know so far, according to one British online retailer, is that the NW-S706 comes in three colors (purple, black and pink), packs 4GB of storage, up to 50 hours of battery life (probably only if you're bumping ATRAC), line-in recording, an FM tuner, and should be due out on October 9 for £180, or $336. We're still unsure if this is a Europe and Asia-only release, but nontheless, we'd love to be able to snag one of these Stateside real soon.

[Via CNET Asia]

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