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Eight foot, 400 pound NES replica FTW


If you've been looking for a hugemongous NES to match with your 8-foot NES controller -- and happen to have around 400 pounds of wood just lying around -- you're in luck, since the NES-obsessed operator of the National Game Depot is "97% finished" with a project to build just such a box. Sadly, it doesn't look like this 8-foot x 3-foot x 3-foot monstrosity is going to be operational. Right now it's destined as this guy's entertainment center, since his original plan to use it as a bed was a bit too creep-o. There's also no word if our ancient methods of blowing inside and bopping the top of the unit will lend any magic to its workability, but it's always nice to have a place to store a few discarded koopa shells and 1UP 'shrooms all the same, and we suppose a TV or two couldn't hurt anything.

[Via MAKE]

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