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Keian's KDV8900S MPEG-4 SD video recorder and MP3 player


Oh lookie, yet another low cost MPEG-4 video camera with MP3 player. While we're certainly not expecting this ¥19,800 (about $168) MPEG-4 shooter from Keian to deliver anything near the quality as the ¥50,000 (roughly $429) CG6, it's worth a peep for that price, eh? The KDV8900S (pictured) brings 32MB of on-board storage with a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of shooting MPEG-4 recordings at 640x480 / 30fps onto SD card. The cam also snaps stills which can be previewed on the twist-and-fold, 2-inch display and throws in an MP3 player with built-in speaker and headphone jack just for fun. Also announced is its lesser, 3 megapixel KDV6800S cuz which attaches a larger 2.4-inch display but without MP3 playback for ¥16,980 or about $144. Don't worry, we wouldn't bore you with a picture of that one even if we could dig one up of decent quality. Both expected to launch in Japan on Wednesday.

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