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PlayStation 3 Magazine hands-on video with ... PS3 [update 2]

Kevin Kelly

Folks over at the eponymous PSM3 Magazine (the first M is for magazine, and the magazine is for magazine so, in case you were wondering, this is a magazine) were lucky enough to get their hands on a PlayStation 3. Apparently they were lucky enough to get their fingerprints all over it, too. These things are shinier than the black Nintendo DS, and will probably give rise to a slew of third-party, PS3-branded chamois cloths to keep them looking pristine.

These guys define the word bias, seeing as how they publish PlayStation 3 Magazine, but the machine does look powerful and, well ... shiny. The startup video looks impressive, especially the tuning orchestra-ish sound, although so was the one on the PS2. By the fifth time you booted that sucker up, you weren't paying attention to it. Remeber the simple PlayStation One startup? It was simple, to the point, and not too flashy. Everything now has to look like a music video. The XMB interface looks a lot more lackluster than expected, and looks miles behind the Xbox 360 dashboard. Although we're willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it might be not be complete.

Rest assured that if a unit showed up at the Joystiq offices, we'd have smiles glued to our faces as well; though we may not require plastic surgery to remove 'em. Some of those PSM3 staffers look like poster boys for good dental hygiene.

[Update: added YouTube vids of PS1 & PS2 startups, minor grammar fixes]
[Update: added Google Video link]

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