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Recall update: Acer consults Sony, HP still holding the line

Evan Blass

It's sort of sad when the news that a laptop manufacturer is not initiating a battery recall has become notable enough to cover, yet with Apple, IBM / Lenovo, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Fujitsu having already followed Dell's lead in pulling back some 6.6 million dangerous packs, HP's recent claim that its Sony-made batteries are all fine and dandy would seem to make it one of the only holdouts in this ongoing debacle. You may recall that HP immediately took a proactive stance when this saga began by dubbing the problem "a Dell issue," and now the company is citing its high quality standards as the reason it rejected Sony batteries for almost a year before finally bundling them with its machines; however, HP can't say for sure whether the units it chose not to purchase were among the explosion-prone batches. Like HP, Acer also claims not to have received any battery-related complaints, but the company has nevertheless decided to take Sony up on its recent offer to consult with OEMs "just to make sure." With HP's many woes as of late -- save for its purchase of VoodooPC -- avoiding the ranks of recallers would certainly be a welcome relief, but keep in mind that all it takes is a lone fiery incident for a manufacturer to get tangled up in this ugly mess.

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