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Roll your own Mii, pre-Wii [update 2]

After months of secrecy, Nintendo unveiled the Wii's remaining features at a series of press events around the world last month. In addition to the much-rumored prices and release dates, the system's last secret was revealed to be the Wii Channels system. Key amongst the various channels is the ability to create your own virtual avatar in teh Mii channel, and play that character in titles like Wii Sports.

Yann, one of our amazing readers and the designer of the equally incredible orange Joystiq tee, just sent us over his latest creation: A Mii channel implemented in Flash. How accurate is it? Yann says, "The Mii parts are drawn from videos and stills of the working Mii channel and, apart from the second page of eyebrows which is still missing (couldn't find any picture or video of it), everything is true to the real thing."

Despite an unintimidating interface, I'm completely unable to create a Mii that looks like Mii ... errr, me. I've created several, one of which looked strangely like Dick Nixon. Any of our more artistically inclined readers have better luck creating a Mii that looks like them?

[Big ups to Yann for this awesome Mii maker!]

Play -- Mii maker

[Update: 1)Yann has updated his app with a custom cursor, some bug fixes, and some animated menus. Yay! 2) A second app update includes more bug fixes, and two new buttons to scale the heads vertically.]

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