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Sprint launches IP-830W, SCP-8400 and BlackBerry 8703e with GPS


BlackBerry, PocketPC, and Power Vision lovers unite 'cause Sprint just unleashed three phones meant to distribute the love to all. First from the gate is the IP-830W from Samsung (pictured center) we peeped on Sprint last month. For $600 with a 2-year plan ($750 without!), it's yours to take global with quad-band GSM / GPRS and CDMA / EV-DO pumpin' Windows Mobile 5 plus AKU2 on a 520MHz Intel PXA272 proc. Out next is another Sprint Sanyo clam in the form of the dual-band Power Vision SCP-8400 (pictured right) with Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel cam, and of course live TV, music downloads, and multiplayer game action. Yours for $100 after rebates, instant savings and your signature on a 2-year plan. Out last is the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8703e which brings EV-DO speeds, Bluetooth and speakerphone for $350 after discounts and 2-year signup. Thing is, it's already available on Verizon only without GPS navigation for $100 less. What to do, what to do.

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