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T-Mobile rumors: RAZRs aplenty

Chris Ziegler

Just when we all thought we could sit back and catch our breath after scooping T-Mobile's Dash deets, rebranding, and myFaves launch, here comes a barrage of information suggesting that the carrier's not about to let its product lineup rest on its laurels. Most of the information we have circulates around upcoming RAZRs -- yes, we said "RAZR," not "KRZR" -- with a Nokia thrown in for good measure. We already suspected a tweaked V3i going by the new moniker "V3t" would be coming shortly, and it now seems the V3t will be available in a variety of flavors. Besides the stock model, two additional types will be made available with permanently etched tattoos (inspired by Miami Ink's Ami James, apparently) called "Dragon" and "Cherry Blossom." If a tattooed V3t isn't exclusive enough for you, step up to the Dolce & Gabbana V3i, which will confusingly go without the new V3t model name of its stablemates. All of the new variants should drop in retail locations on or around October 30. If RAZRs aren't your thing, keep an eye out for the Nokia 6133 on October 9. The 6133 is essentially an Americanized 6131, rocking Bluetooth and a pushbutton flip feature that's sure to earn a few "oohs" and "aahs" from friends.

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