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Fox rolling out Blu-ray movies with motion-sensing technology

Matt Burns

Fox is utilize some of that extra space on a Blu-ray disc with codex's for D-Box motion-sensing furniture. In case you aren't familiar with the 'theme park in your home' chairs, D-Box seats synchronizes the on-screen motion with the the seat. (think the Back to the Future Ride) Their systems start at $3,200 for a universal strap-on system and climb all the way up to $10,000 for their leather recliner, but currently users need to have a box hook'd up to the Internet and their DVD player in order to utilize this system. Not anymore, thanks to these pre-loaded Blu-ray discs from Fox. The plans is to distribute 10 to 30 currently unnamed discs over the next year and D-Box hopes to bring HD DVD and even more studios on board sometime soon. If they can succeed in getting these codex's embedded on the discs, their hope of moving from niche to mainstream will become a reality. A price drop wound't hurt ether.

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