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Mark Rein says second-gen GoW on 360 looks better than first-gen PS3 titles

Blake Snow

Epic's Mark Rein put on his publicity cap, started voicing strong opinions, and dropped a naughty word at London's game developer conference today. While speaking about his company's highly anticipated Gears of War for the Xbox 360 he said, "Sony says the next generation starts when they say so - bullsh!t (or as the British might say, bollocks!)!" He also stated that the second-generation Xbox 360 title will look better than PS3 launch titles. Plausible, but sure to stir up the fanboy bees nest while garnering calculated publicity.

Mark-ditty got specific, however, on expected play time for Gears. He estimates a 12.5 hour completion (contrary to the previously stated 10 hours) and also promised some surprises for the game, also known as cliffhangers. To be fair, the game (we played at E3) has got ... well, game. So keep droppin' dem bombs, Mr. Rein.

Listen to what else Mark has to say:

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