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PS3: Dual Shake is dead, long live Sixaxis

Blake Snow

It's official, Sony has decided not to use our clever "Dual Shake" moniker. Instead, they've announced the final name of their (somewhat) new PS3 controller today: Sixaxis, in light of the interface's "six degrees of freedom" initiative. The dual-shock-less controller supports both wireless and USB wired connectivity, Bluetooth capabilities, and will sell in Japan for ¥5,000 ($42) on its November 11 launch.

Two additional accessories were also priced: A memory card adapter used to upload PS and PS2 data to PS3's hard drive (as expected) for ¥1,500 ($13) and a state-of-the-art Blu-ray/DVD controller for ¥3,600 ($31) for would be movie watchers. Both will be available at launch.

(Courtesy Sony of Japan)

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