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TCG in-game rewards revealed (finally!)

Mike Schramm

If, like me, you've been waiting for the WoW collectible card game to finally justify its existence, wait no longer. From the beginning, Blizzard and cardmakers Upper Deck have promised that cards in packs would give in-game rewards, and today they revealed the deets.

  • Special "Loot" versions of cards will have scratch offs that reveal codes to be redeemed in-game.
  • The "Loot" version of someone named Landro Longshot (the lore of this escapes me, if you know it, speak up) will grant a unique in-game tabard.
  • A card that shows a Thundering Hippogryph will grant a new non combat pet-- awesome!
  • And then there's the one you really want: the loot version of "Saltwater Snapjaw" will grant players their very own big-eyed turtle mount. That's right, the rumors were true. If you find this card, you can ride around on the back of a freaking turtle (Upper Deck is quick to point out that it goes regular speed, even though it's a turtle). Also, the mount is usable by players of all levels, which means you can finally ride out to Hogger. Because of that, I'd assume it's a 60% mount, not 100%, but they don't say specifically.
  • Every card pack will have a card that gives "UDE Points," which you can use to redeem for other cards or in-game items in an online system. Two trinkets are first up in this system: a trinket that puts on a fireworks display, and another that changes you into an ogre mage.
  • Finally, apparently there will be three loot rewards with every series of cards that Upper Deck releases-- the first series, Heroes of Azeroth, is due this month, and the second one, called Onyxia's Lair, is scheduled for November.
The FAQ about the in-game loot answers some more questions, but not the most important one: how many of these stupid card packs do I have to buy to get a turtle mount? Of course it's all random, so it could be one or one hundred, but they don't list any "drop rates" (is that what you call it in CCGs?) on exactly how rare these loot cards are. On the other hand, if you do end up buying a hundred of these things, I hear there's some kind of actual card game you can play with them. Who knew?!

[ Thanks to everyone who sent this in! ]

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