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Wolverine Data throws down ESP "Professional" PMP


It might look a little clunky, but Wolverine Data's new ESP PMP is all substance. Inside the 0.9-inch thick monstrosity is a 80 or 120GB HDD and a 7-in-1 card reader, making this the perfect tool for photogs looking for a good memory card backup solution. There's JPG, BMP, TIFF and RAW support, and all main memory formats can be used by the reader. If you'd rather be entertained, the ESP can do that too, with a 3.6-inch LCD and MPEG-1, MPEG-4, WMV9 and XviD codec support, along with the usual audio suspects, including AAC and CDA. The unit also includes built-in speakers, an FM tuner, audio-in, TV-out and can record video with an optional cradle that'll set you back $80. It seems like if you just want the entertainment factor, there are plenty of better PMP options than this thing, but for the photographer on the go, the video support couldn't hurt, and the $400 (80GB) and $500 (120GB) pricetags aren't too shabby at all.

[Via PVR Wire]

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