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Adapt intros TomTom Go clone for Europe


As if we needed another Europe-only GPS device that brings nothing new to the table, Adapt is busting out their all-in-one navigation system which sports a few PMP features and an SD slot, but looks just as bulky as the rest of the similarly-specced devices on the market -- with a particular TomTom Go flavor. The 279 Euro ($354 US) unit sports a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, and is powered by a 400MHz processor from Samsung, along with that ubiquitos SiRF Star III chip and software courtesy of Route 66. There's 64MB of built-in storage, and some sort of music / photo / movie/ eBook playback ability, but we're not sure about formats or codecs. No word on the release date for this little guy either, but we're sure it and five other West Europe-only units will make it to market in the time it takes us to get a single one onto our lowly shores.

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