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D-Link's V-Click: an overpriced, rebadged GSM VoIP phone


D-Link's got a so-called new line-up of dual-mode WiFi VoIP / GSM V-Click phones for ya. The big selling point of course, is the ability to quickly toggle between your tri-band 900/1800/1900MHz GSM/GPRS network or unspecified 802.11 WiFi to make low cost VoIP calls. The magic here is in that "v-click" button along the side which flips the WiFi radio. Once enabled, users can make SIP-based VoIP calls or hit the web over the bundled Opera Mobile browser and 176x220 pixel display. Hmmm, those specs sure smack of that Taiwanese GW1 peeped at CES from Winstron NeWeb Corp and unfurled as the Neuf Twin dual-mode handset already on sale in France. Let's see, same screen, same dimensions, same radios... yup, we're calling it a rebadge. So are you really going to give D-Link $600 for their logo when it drops in Q1 or pick-up an unlocked, €200/$250 Twin sans contract from your friendly electronics importer? Yeah, thought so.

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