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Duke Nukem on XBLA has "already been discussed"


"Mr. Broussard, do you have a minute?"
"Make it quick, I'm in the middle of a WoW raid."
"I'm sorry ... quick?"
"You know, the opposite of slow?"
"Right! Well, Doom was released on Xbox Live Arcade just recently."
"Oh, I know, I was playing it all day yesterday. Good stuff."
"That's the general consensus, yes. Which is probably why every gamer ever now wants a port of Duke Nukem 3D as well."
"Hmm, I like that idea. Provided Microsoft wants it too, I'm sure we could make that happen ... right after I level up some more."

At least, that's how we imagine such a discussion to go down within the finely decorated offices of 3D Realms. Following Doom's successful outing on Xbox Live Arcade, fans have already begun a clamorfest (not an actual word) for an Xbox 360 port of that other FPS classic, Duke Nukem 3D. Commenting on the official 3D Realms forums, staff member Joe Siegler assured visitors that the idea had been favorably considered, but that getting a game onto Microsoft's service wasn't as easy as e-mailing them the original code.

"I talked about this yesterday with George, he's all up for the idea, but we don't have the time to do the port ourselves, plus there's the issue of whetther [sic] Microsoft would really want it. Don't just assume they would, there's a big submissions procedure to go through. Plus their release schedule is booked solid for quite awhile now, even if we delivered it to them today, I would imagine it wouldnt' [sic] come out for awhile anyway."

Imagine that. Still, if Microsoft were to eventually give the game their stamp of approval and a developer like Nerve were tasked with porting the game, it would probably be well worth the wait.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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