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Is the Wii too much, too late?


IGN's Matt Cassamassina seems to think so. In a recent entry on his IGN blog, he said, "I believe Wii is $50 too expensive and three weeks too late." It's too expensive, he says, for the mainstream consumer to really pick it up and run with it, and gamers think it's too expensive because it's not enough for them.

So what do you think? Set aside the fanboy love for a moment and consider the grand scheme of things. Is it wrong for Nintendo to sell their console for a profit just because Sony and Microsoft choose to take a hit? And considering everything the Wii can do -- instead of focusing on what it cannot -- is it really priced too high? The mainstream media doesn't seem to think so; the console has been called the bargain choice for the holiday season already. And what is really important in gaming? Is it about power -- or is it about functionality? Look at the DS and the PSP. The PSP is incredibly powerful, and it's incredibly powerfully collecting dust for many gamers, while their DS enjoys a healthy workout.

And while we would love it if the Wii were to come out earlier, but is it really too late? Or will the Wii be there, bright and shining, when the PS3 sells out? Tell us what you think.

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