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Relive youth with GoldenEye Source trailer

Zack Stern

A team of fans is rebuilding GoldenEye 007 with the Half-Life 2 Source engine; that ought'a teach today's kids about good game design. The team just released an impressive trailer of its efforts, showcasing many of the recreated environments. While the project is still unfinished -- we'll call it "pre-cease-and-desist" -- you may soon be able to relive that Bond classic on a PC.

But let's take a moon-walking step backwards here. These rebuild-the-classic game projects seem aimed at the gamer who looks at how perfect life was back then, with the velour car seats and prom date. And wait a minute, GoldenEye came out less than ten years ago. (Replace "moon walk" with "pop-n-lock," "velour" with "neoprene," and "prom date" with "internet porn.") It's not like your N64 won't work with your new TV. You might even be able to download the original on the Wii.

Modders, we salute your ingenuity and desire to bring your GoldenEye experience to today's dirty, ungrateful youth. Judging from the video (embedded after the break), we know you've put a lot of work into the project. But why not spend that energy on making something unique? We know you can, and we want to play it.

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