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ViewSonic Cine5000 projects at a 255-inch diagonal

Cyrus Farivar

As much as we love a good projector that can display our favorite TiVo'ed media in HD, most don't really handle stuff designed to be watched on a 768-pixel tall desktop dimension all that well -- you know, because we really need to be able to watch YouTube on a 255-inch diagonal, right? Well, thank goodness, because ViewSonic has come out with its latest, the Cine5000, which fires up at a 15:9 resolution (1280 x 768), displaying XGA or WXGA without scaling or compressing. Beyond that, the Cine5000 comes with HDMI (HDCP-compliant), component, composite and S-Video ports, offers a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,000 lumens of brightness. It'll hit the streets later this month for $2,000, but while you're waiting go check out the snap of all the ports on the next page.

[Via AboutProjectors]

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