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WoW Moviewatch: An unpreventable case of WoW addiction

Mike Schramm

This piece from an Austrailian news magazine basically boils down to OMG WOW IS KILLING OUR CHILDREN.

So let's review what WoW is responsible for in this kid's life:

  • Cursing and general aggressiveness and debauchery (hole-punching, bottle-smashing)
  • Sunken eyes and pale skin
  • Making "friends" in other countries
  • Using an American accent (gasp-- we know, we know, he "just picked it up")
  • Twelve hours of voluntarily playing a game at a time
  • And, perhaps most shocking, he actually plays a pally
And this is just "the tip of the iceberg," people! Yup, it's all the game's fault. Not the kid's for his "choice to be addicted to it," not the parent's for letting her kid play apparently whenever he wants to for as long as he wants to, and definitely not the media for blowing up a game that millions of people play without any problems into something that CAUSED THAT SUICIDE IN CHINA! Blizzard made that poor mother cry!

I'm just praying, as I'm sure you are, dear reader, that we find a cure for this seemingly unpreventable "World of Warcraft" disease soon (the psychologist points out it's not in the DSM-IV-- wonder why that is...). Maybe a set schedule, moving the computer out of the bedroom, or, you know, an off button. Because if we don't, OUR CHILDREN WILL CONTINUE TO DIE. Please, for the sake of the children, let's spread fear and panic without actually researching or investigating the subject of our report at all.

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