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ASUS joins the 22-inch madness with the MW221U


If you haven't noticed by now, there's an intense 22-inch meme circulating, and it looks like ASUS has now caught the Vista-ready fever. Their new MW221U display has already been floating around a few online stores, but now it looks like it's getting official, along with a whole new lineup of displays. The MW221U does the 16:10 widescreen thing, with a 1680 x 1050 resolution, and the rest of its specs aren't too bad neither, like a 2ms response time, HDCP-compatible DVI port, 700:1 contrast ratio and 300 nits of brightness. There's also a 20-inch version, the MW201U, which sports identical specs. As for the rest, the VW191 and VW192 are bot 16:10 19-inchers, with 1440 x 900 resolutions and 5ms response times, while the MB19 and MB17SE go for a standard aspect ratio, manage 1280 x 1024 SXGA action, and boast of 2ms and 5ms response times respectively. Not too shabby of the lineup, and the HDCP in the widescreens is quite welcome, we just wish we knew what was so magical about 22 freakin' inches.

[Via Akihabara]

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