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Mensa Mobil software dishes out lunch menus

Darren Murph

Mom might have had your middle school lunches well under control, but thanks to a new development by the student union of Dresden Technical University and Haase & Martin GbR, you can enjoy the upper hand in college. Fed up with not having the skinny on cafeteria offerings, the "Studentenwerk Dresden" has implemented a prototype system on campus that beams a fortnight's worth of upcoming food choices to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile. A hotspot system dubbed BlueBot disseminates the Mensa Mobil (that's "mobile menu," folks) software to any Bluetooth-enabled cellphone within "40 meters" of its tower. Should you choose to install it, you're granted updated access to the foods, pricing, and specific ingredients offered throughout the day at 15 different eateries around town. While the program is currently free, it's apparently becoming quite a hit around campus, and both developers are planning to expand the restaurant choices as well as add additional BlueBot download points should the locals get hungry for more.

[Via Textually]

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