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Nokia tweaks 5500 to make "Sport Music Edition"

Chris Ziegler

At this point, it seems like Nokia has the procedure for relaunching aging S60 handsets down to a science: bundle them with some new goodies, maybe offer some new colors, and tack "______ Edition" onto the end of the model number. In this case, the lucky victim is the not-so-old, ruggedized 5500, which has undergone a magical metamorphosis of marketing to become the 5500 Sport Music Edition. Other than a bundled half gig of microSD (for, you know, music), a new carrying strap, and an "energetic new color," the Sport Music Edition looks to be a dead ringer for its predecessor -- and like the original, we don't expect to see it on these shores any time soon. Europeans, however, should be able to find these things on store shelves already for something in the neighborhood of €350 (about $450).

[Via Camera Phones Plaza]

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