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Quickbooks 2007 v9.0, now with native Intel support


Well Adobe may not care enough to release Universal Binary updates, but Intuit seems to care, at least a little. Today they released Quickbook 2007 v9.0. Quickbooks, as you probably already know is a popular accounting app aimed at small businesses. Things of note in this upgrade include:

  • Track payments, sales tax and inventory IMPROVED
  • Create and print deposit slips NEW
  • Customize forms using the Layout Designer NEW
  • Customize toolbar IMPROVED
  • Universal binary version for Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs NEW
  • Share data between Mac and Windows IMPROVED
  • Comprehensive in-product help IMPROVED
  • Interactive Tutorial Center NEW
Although Quickbooks users themselves don't seem all that impressed with the program, every step toward native Intel support for Macs for all is a good thing.

Despite being a small business owner, I've never had any use for Quickbooks. Always seemed like overkill for my needs. But if it suits you and you've been wondering whether or not to upgrade, you might wait until the dust settles as there are already several nasty bug reports showing up on sites like MacFixit.

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