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Visiting Day: a quirky Flash game


Mike Bithell has just created a new Flash game, made exclusively with the PSP in mind. It has great vector graphics, great style, and a really sleek menu. The game is a series of rather simple minigames, having you fight an alien invasion. WIth multiple difficulties, a psuedo-multiplayer option, and a "story mode," this Flash game goes above and beyond the fan norm. It's not perfect, though: it can use a bit of music, and I didn't know that you had to leave the analog stick at the bottom right at all times. With some music, a few GUI changes, and a little bit of clarification (for example: you can't progress in Story mode unless you fail!), Mike Bithell might have something truly complete. Wish you luck on your professional endeavors, man.

Visit Mike's PSP-compatible website for the download. For users with 2.70 firmware and above.

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