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Apple Store Concierge on your own Mac


If you've ever been to an Apple store you've probably noticed the launcher-like buttons in the middle of the desktop of all the Macs on the floor. The buttons give you access to that store's Concierge (for Genius Bar and Studio appointments), events calendar, product info and other store info.

What if you could have those same DesktopButtons on your own Mac, giving you access to the same information - but without having to actually go to the store? I know, it's actually kind of useless, but sometimes we do things just because we can. DesktopButtons is apparently Docktop, an app that costs a mere $4, so if you like the interface itself, you really should buy it.

But what if it's the Concierge you're after? There's a torrent in the wild that will give you your very own copy of Concierge. Once configured with your local store's ID code, it will display the Concierge for that store. As ifoAppleStore points out there's a good chance the software was downloaded from an actual Apple store's computer, so it might not be in the wild for long. But for now, ifoAppleStore has all the details you need to see this all for yourself.

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