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Bug fixes, professions, and mount speeds in BC

Mike Schramm

Because we know you care, here's three more bits of news the CMs have dropped about Burning Crusade.

  • I've had this problem with my combat log disappearing, too, but fortunately the devs have confirmed it fixed in WoW 2.0 (aka the expansion pack you're drooling over). Note to self: until then, find a good crit record mod and install it. Any suggestions?
  • In the expansion, you'll be able to switch profession specializations. How that will work (or what it will cost you) is still anyone's guess.
  • Tseric says "possibly" to 300% speed epic flying mounts. Normal groundspeed on epics will be 100%, normal flying mounts 60% on the ground. None of that is confirmed, but that's what Tseric says.
Yes, it seems like I'm doing a BC hints post like this every day, but no problem. I consider it just another collection quest in the giant rep grind that is winning your affection, dear readers. And anytime you can get that epic trinket ready for me, I'll be happy to take it.

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