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Final word on "Make Love, Not Warcraft"

Mike Schramm

So I just downloaded the "Make Love, Not Warcraft" South Park episode (I was in ZG when it first aired, and it's now made its way out into the various bittorrent networks), and just like everyone else, I found it pretty well done, and pretty darn funny. If you haven't seen it yet, it's also appeared on Google Video (we'll see how long that link stays up), and you can probably find it on YouTube as well, depending on how fast Comedy Central is on the lawsuit button. Since I'll assume that you've seen it, the rest of this post is spoilers.

I completely agree with David-- if we don't see an item called the Sword of 1,000 Truths (or the Bow of 1,000 Lies, which is supposedly what the bow Kenny was using is called) in the expansion, I'll be greatly disappointed. Of course, maybe we don't have to wait that long: Thundgot on the EU forums says the sword currently drops "from boars in Elywnn Forest." Unfortunately, a four-man raid is required. If you want the model for the sword, you could always pick up The Hungering Cold.

TV.ign drops a review of the episode (they liked it), and the forums over at have an interesting theory: Cartman says it will take them "7 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours, and 20 minutes" to become uber enough to beat the bad guy, which, if you add it up from the time the episode aired on October 4th, puts the date at November 28th. Did Blizzard hide a BC release date hint in there? Of course, when Stan's dad shows up at the Best Buy, the price shown is $49.99, and we all know that's not true.

Finally, I'm not sure if we've mentioned this here yet, but most of the machinima for the show was actually done by Rufus Cubed, the studio behind "The Return"-- also the guys that were hired by Blizzard to make the Eastern Plaguelands PVP trailer. Not only is this show the first mainstream TV show to use the word "pwnage," it's a huge success for machinima in general.

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