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Japanese hardware sales, 25 September - 1 October: fully translated edition


We've all been disgustingly selfish. If you can muster the energy, roll your eyes upwards and read the title of this post. It's the Japanese hardware sales, implying some sort of connection to the great Eastern country that so painstakingly provides us with a continuous supply of numbers, role-playing games and saucer-eyed heroines who transform into magical assassin robots. By presenting these infrequently informative posts exclusively in English, we've shown a complete lack of gratitude and an unwillingness to embrace other cultures. Japan, prepare to be hugged.

- DS Lite: 274,389 134,554 (96.22%)
- PS2: 31,992 681 (2.08%)
- PSP: 25,319 2,201 (9.52%)
- Xbox 360: 2,195 1,086 (97.93%)
- GBA SP: 1,811334 (15.57%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,103 83 (7.00%)
- Gamecube: 523 240 (31.45%)
- DS Phat: 253 63 (19.94%)
- GBA: 10 10 (50.00%)
- Xbox: 3 5 (62.5%)

[Source: Media Create]

First, our original and entirely non-hilarious English commentary:

It seems we're having a rather interesting week. While most devices have a nasty run-in with a red arrow, the DS Lite gains a gargantuan boost in sales from the true return of Pokemon and winds up with a number so large, it threatens to envelop all of space and time. Meanwhile, the unappreciated Xbox 360 finally manages to defeat the GBA SP and even manages to show the greatest increase in terms of percentage. A couple of thousand units sold is still pretty paltry compared to the rest of the chart, but it seems that Microsoft's role-playing blitz at the Tokyo Game Show is having its intended, positive effect. Will Japanese interest continue to rise before the Blue Dragon bundle launches? Time will most certainly be unable to keep that information secret.

On a related note, please accept our humble apologies for failing so spectacularly to post the numbers last week. Our adventures in the Southern hemisphere kept us busier than we expected.

Now, the Japanese translation, courtesy of Babel Fish:

And then, just to make sure it worked, we'll translate that back to English through Google Translate:

That passing the week when we are somewhat interesting seems the way. While being the troublesome last spurt of the red arrow in most devices, the DS light/write enormous boost of sale from the true return of Pokemon profit, large number so threatens the fact that everything of the space and the time when it winds is surrounded. At that time, as for Xbox 360 which has not been recognized real value being defeated SP of GBA finally how, doing, how, doing that it shows the largest increase with percent. 23,000 unit which remainder of the diagram which is sold is compared still considerably is paltry, but that seems that brings the affirmative effect in blitz of the Microsoft of Tokyo game show role performance being intended. Before the bundle of the blue dragon launches it continues the Japanese interest to rise? Time the information secret is not maintained certainly. With note of relation, accept our moderate apologies for luxuriously may last week not posting number. Our ventures of southern hemisphere rather than we expecting, us while using maintained.

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