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Lenovo's compact USB webcam


Webcams probably aren't the first thing you think of when you hear the name Lenovo, but if this little foray into the already-crowded space is any indication, we hope it won't be the last we see from them. The specs are fairly run-of-the-mill, with a decent 1.3 megapixel sensor, built-in noise-canceling microphone, and USB 2.0 connectivity -- as is the less-than-original "USB WebCam" name. But the design should be sure to please anyone looking to relive the gadget glory days of the Cold War, with a sliding lens cover inspired by Minox's famous 60s spy camera. The spring clip attachment will also ensure that the cam stays in place no matter how thin your display is. Sadly, it apparently does not double as a weapon of any sort, though you can get your hands on one right now for about eighty bucks.

[Via Design Matters, thanks Richard]

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