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New Wii boxes, just like the old boxes [update 2]


The boxes for three more Wii games have been finalized -- Metal Slug Anthology, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and Monster 4x4 World Circuit all got the stamp of officialized boxart love from IGN. Since none of these games are unique to the Wii, the boxes are no great revelation, but they're pretty because they're ours.

[Update 1: Seems there are multiple versions of the Tony Hawk box floating around. Some have the WiFi logo and some don't. Could the logo be a mistake from someone putting the boxart together and not paying attention, or is it a sign of things to come? We're looking into it.]

[Update 2: Spoke with our Activision rep, who indicated that any boxes floating around with the WiFi logo must be placeholders -- nothing has changed in regard to the lack of WiFi support for the Wii at this time. And we were so excited. Beware, beware of placeholder boxes! Thanks to our eagle-eyed readers on this one.]

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