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PlayStation 3 street cred tatz

Kevin Kelly

You really love a console once it has been inked under your skin permanently. PlayStation lover Christopher C. Webb tattooed his arm with the circle square triangle x button images, upping his throwdown skillz on the street and providing fodder for incessant questions from future grandchildren.

"Gramps, what are those marks on your arm?"

"Well RidgeRacer, those are buttons *wheeze* from a console I used to game on. My beloved PlayStation."

"You mean, you had to push BUTTONS?! Holy cow, grandpa! You didn't control games with your brainwaves? Were you around when they invented the railroad, too?"

"Why I oughtta ..."

And ... scene. Wonder if anyone has tried entering any cheat codes on him yet. Anyone else out there have any gamer tattoos?

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