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Universal HD says more new hotness, less Hasselhoff

Erik Hanson

In an interview with NBC Universal VP on Emerging Networks Dan Harrison, TV Week gives the scoop on Universal HD's new plans to remake their channel with less "old and busted," and more "new hotness." We've seen plenty of complaints about UHD, because they were a child channel of the NBC network they got handed down some older shows to fill time in the past. While they did show everything in 1080, which is more than a lot of other networks can say, they still re-re-re-ran a lot of older movies and programming, like "Knight Rider" and last year's "Battlestar Galactica." But now they're shifting attention to creating a brand for UHD all its own, with new (to the network) movies like Back to the Future and Bram Stoker's Dracula. They also picked up some new series and extras recently, such as "Firefly" and Notre Dame football. In all, the network will attempt to reduce the reruns and older titles that everyone has seen -- and turned the channel from -- before, and replace it with new movies and sports, to expand the NBC empire of HD programming. And we can't say we think that's a bad thing. More HD is more goodness for all!

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