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Burning Crusade mounts

Save presents us with these lovely photographs of various mounts we'll be seeing in the Burning Crusade. For normal mounts, we have the Draenei's elephant-like Elekk, the Blood Elf's Cockatrices, a specially colored Paladin Warhorse for the Blood Elf, and the ram-like (only taller) Talbuk. For flying mounts, we have Gyphons for the alliance and Wyverns for the horde, as well as the (presumably more rare) Netherdrakes and Pheonixes. There's still no news about how to get any of these mounts (the Talbuk are especially mysterious -- they are listed as neutral mounts, and are obviously not of the flying sort, which makes them somewhat unusual), but they're great eye-candy -- so click on and enjoy!

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