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Coby's 20GB PMP4320 previewed


The folks at CNET recently got a chance to look at a pre-production unit of Coby's new PMP4320 portable media player and, while they're reserving final judgment until they get their hands on a finished device, they don't seem to have been all that impressed. Specs-wise, the PMP4320 treads along the low-end of the PMP spectrum, with a glossy 4.3-inch, 320x240 TFT display, 20GB of storage, SD expansion, FM tuner, and audio/video recording capabilities -- not bad, though you may expect a bit more for the $350 list price. Unfortunately, it looks like the PMP4320 has more problems than just price, with CNET finding the interface and thumbstick control decidedly lacking and the build quality sub-par, though that could well be due to its pre-production nature. On the plus side, it is compatible with a wide range of formats and has a built-in kickstand, which wouldn't be all that notable if not for the fact that some manufacturers seem to continuously overlook it. We should have word on how the real deal stacks up soon enough, with the PMP4320 set to launch later this month.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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