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Gamer auctioning XBL gamertag for PS3 [update 1]

Kevin Kelly

Rance6, a gamer in Italy who has managed to stack up over 5000 hours of gaming and a gamerscore of more than 80,000 is auctioning off an Xbox 360 hard drive containing his identity, "ALL LIVE ARCADE INSIDE" (which isn't possible, since all of the XBLA games weren't released in Italy -- sounds more like an advertisement you'd see on a seedy adult bookstore), and more than 1GB worth of saved games. He claims to be the "1st IN THE WORLD," and he and his team of farmers must be proud. The Xbox 360 was released in Italy on December 1st, so even if Rance picked one up then, he's had just over ten months to build up those 5,000 hours. Our rusty math skills work this out to mean he's been gaming 16 hours a day to clock this. The poor guy must be really sleep deprived.

Why is he parting with something so dear that represents so much of his time and effort? He ungrammatically states on the eBay auction page, "I am selling cause PS3 coming out."

The auction ends on October 11th and is already up to $6,000. For that amount, Rance6 and co. should be able to buy a PlayStation 3 coated in gold, along with a copy of all the launch titles and a Wii to boot. We can't imagine that he hasn't killed every zombie, run every race, and settled the Geometry Wars once and for all on the 360, so more power to him as he changes consoles.

[Thanks, Ethan]

[Update: clarified ALL LIVE ARCADE ARE BELONG TO US situation]

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