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HD young, gamers on standard-def

Zack Stern

HDTV is the future of gaming, but when will that happen? As Joystiq writers, we mostly play games on fancy HDTVs, but Gamasutra reminds us that we're in the minority; HDTV adoption has been increasing, but the market is still in its infancy.

A series of interviewed analysts discuss the conditions needed for HDTVs to be common and if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have the right approach to the new technology. The analysts don't offer any concrete answers, but share the opinion that movies will continue to drive the transition because they're much more common than games.

The next-generation console war is about HD -- or lack of it -- as much as anything. We're disappointed that the Wii won't run higher than 480p, but maybe Nintendo and its developers are saving by omitting something most gamers lack. Or if consumers want a Blu-ray player combined with a game system, Sony will likely be the next-gen champion.

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