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HDTV gaming looked at by 3 analysts

Matt Burns

Around these parts, HDTV is a big part of our lives and naturally, we enjoy high-def gaming as well. We kind of feel they naturally are meant for one another and so do the three analysts poised a simple question about gaming companies standpoint on HDTV and gaming. The question at hand asks how Microsoft and Sony emphasizing high-def's role in gaming and you know what, all three experts came out saying almost the same thing. Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan states that HDTV is the next step but HDTV is driven by movie sales and not games so therefore, it's important but isn't the primary market for the technology. Mike Wolf of ABI Research indicates that, yes, it's a 'critical feature' but only down the road a few years and right now, Ninitendo is focusing on an equally important aspect of gaming, user inventive game play. Finally, Ben Bajarin from Creative Strategies sounded off by saying the gaming companies are utilizing the technology just 'nough. HDTV household penetration is growing but, how many people do you know have one? We know high-def gaming isn't going anywhere but we have to agree with all three of these experts in one way or another.

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