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Nokia adds mobile printing software to N-series phones

Darren Murph

While there's a certain novelty associated with an SMS-printing bicycle, the practicality is certainly questionable; however, Nokia is adding yet another dash of ole fashioned utility to "four of its N-series cameraphones." Although details are still a bit slim at this point, we do know that Nokia will be releasing software that allows the "Internet Edition" N80 (and a yet-to-be-announced trio of other N-series mobiles) to order prints from the Snapfish website directly from the phone. Users can presumably order prints from other popular alternatives such as Winkflash, but Nokia hasn't extended official support for any site other than HPs own at the moment. Of course, users can order prints from photos already in their gallery, or they can upload them on the fly via their cameraphone. While attempting to resize, crop, and tweak images to perfection before throwing down for a couple 8 x 10-inch hardcopies on a 352 x 418 resolution screen may not be ideal, we won't complain about extra functionality tossed in gratis.

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