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SOLVO S830 does DMB/GPS/PMP, just like everybody else


We hate to burst SOLVO's bubble, but this whole "device with 7-inch screen which happens to sport DMB, GPS and PMP functionality in a fairly skinny and dashboard-mountable form factor" concept has been done before. Many, many times. But with that bubble-bursting out of the way, SOLVO's new S830 is looking pretty good, with some decent stylings and hefty spec love. The 7-inch touch screen runs at 480 x 234, and fronts a Windows CE OS. There's 128MB of SDRAM, along with 64MB of NAND, and if we're reading correctly there seems to be a 1GB SD card thrown in too. The GPS is powered by a SiRF Star III chip, while TV is the standard T-DMB variety, along with an AV-in plug, both of which are recordable if you've got the storage space. The 0.92-inch thick heft isn't terrible for a device of this kind, but we're guessing most of these won't stray far from their dash-mounted setup. No word on price or availability, as usual.

[Via Akihabara]

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