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CoRD and RDC Menu

Scott McNulty

Some people complain about things, whilst others go about trying to fix them. Commenters on my last RDC post have pointed out a few things that will make my life easier (one I knew of, the other I did not).

First off, Movieboy suggests RDC Menu, a menubar application that lets you open multiple instances of MS's RDC client quickly and efficiently. This is still more of a hack than I would like, but it sure does make the hack easier to do.

Jean-Francois reminds me of CoRD, a Cocoa variant of rdesktop (I don't want to run things in X11, call me old fashioned). CoRD looks very promising as it has the lickable look of a Cocoa application, as well as supporting concurrent connections to servers in one window (sweet). Keep in mind that CoRD is only a 0.2 release though, so I'm not sure if I can recommend it for mission critical purposes.

Read on for some CoRD screenshots.

Here is the window that you are presented with when you launch CoRD:

That drop down is how you navigate from one connection to the next. I think a drawer, or an iTunes like pane would be more appropriate (so you can see all the connections in one easy place), but I'll take what I can get at this point.

And here are the options that CoRD gives you:

Not too shabby at all. Oh, and the red error doesn't show up by default, I was messing around with some things.

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