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Laser TVs launching Christmas 2007


Remember that laser-powered projection TV announced by Mitsubishi earlier this year? Well, another prototype was turned out again today in Australia only this time, by Arasor, the Australian company that will manufacture the unique optoelectronic chip central to the laser projection device developed by Silicon Valley-based Novalux. The new sets are touted to be half the price, twice as good, and use a quarter of the electricity of conventional plasma and LCD TVs and be half the weight and depth of modern plasmas. That "twice as good" statement comes from the tech's ability to up the color content from 30-35% of what the eye can see to 90% for a "lifelike image" on the display. Set to launch in time for the 2007 holidays under Samsung and Mitsubishi brands (among others), Novalux's top-dog, Jean-Michel Pelaprat, went so far as to predict that laser television would come to dominate the market above 40-inches, displacing plasmas altogether. Hmm, well, possibly on a long enough timeline. However, with mass produced SED TVs coming in 2008 and big-azz "Full-HD" LCDs and high-contrast plasma panels on the horizon, don't count on manufactures turning their backs on those massive investments in LCD and plasma technology just yet kid.

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