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Logitech goes mid-range with Harmony 670 Universal remote

Darren Murph

You can't hit the high-end without giving us less demanding folk a taste of freshness as well, so Logitech is appeasing the mid-range crowd by dishing out the Harmony 670 Universal remote. Boasting the same incredulous functionality traits we've grown to expect from the Harmony lineup, the 670 improves upon the Harmony 659 by placing crucial DVR controls in a "more central location" and adds color-coded "one-touch" buttons to make common tasks easier to execute. This remote is also Logitech's first to feature the Harmony 7.0 software, which makes wading through 175,000 devices in its online setup bank a tad simpler to grasp by reducing it down to "four easy steps." It also sports a backlit keypad, built-in LCD screen, and options to add "additional control functions and custom activities" as your home theater addition grows. The Harmony 670 is available now for a very middle-of-the-road $149.99.

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